Recovery Data Harddisk


SinergiCOM is the best Spesialist in Data Recovery Hard Disk in Jakarta Indonesia. SinergiCOM is also the most outstanding service provider in the field of Data Recovery Hard disk, especially in handling the data recovery of Hard Disk Server Config RAID Array (Real Server and Virtual Server).

Being experienced since 2000 in data recovery service, SinergiCom with the most updated Tools has been successfully doing the data recovery in all brands and types of Hard disk, with all Platform Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell, SUN, VMware).
With the experiences and skills we have, we give the best service for the data recovery hard disk at reasonable prices.

SinergiCom is able to save all data from harddisk all digital media storage, either for logical errors or physical hardware, both single hard drive and a multi-hard drive (RAID Array Server Real Server and Virtual Server).
At SinergiCOM, we make our best efforts to overcome the problem of data recovery in your hard disk. SinergiCom will consider the clients data as highly confidential.

We will only charge you the cost of the data recovery after you receive your data (NO DATA NO CHARGE), We will not charge the client if your Hard disk has been severely damaged so that there is no chance to recover the data on the hard disk.

For further information concerning the data recovery hard disk, you may consult your problem of recovery data hard disk with us.

To make it easier, you may directly fill in the Form request Pick Up Harddisk, and our courier will come to your place and take the troubled hard disk. The courier will deliver the result of data recovery to your place.